Digital Doors

About the Program

The Digital Doors Program provides a catalytic blend of digital infrastructure tools, skilling, and networks to bring opportunities to 3.4 million underserved communities in the digital economy closer to young people, women, and small businesses.

Together, we are leveraging shared digital infrastructure and partnerships to enable increased access to essential services, products, market, funding and employment in this burgeoning Digital Economy.

Program in Numbers


Underserved communities, including farmers, schools, young people, refugees and other MSMEs reached


Young people (60% women) in dignified and fulfilling work opportunities


Local business strengthened, made more resilient and efficient


Digital entrepreneurs access digital infrastructure to scale across agriculture, education and SMEs sectors


MSMEs to adopt ICT tools and applications


Early career opportunities in technical fields

Community Pass

Community Pass is the anchor technology platform of the Digital Doors Program that facilitates life transactions for the digitally excluded and underserved. 

Community Pass provides the latest in digital technologies and tools to underserved communities in order to fundamentally transform service delivery and increase access to services for those who are excluded today. Designed to be interoperable with third-party solutions, the Community Pass Platform provides a shared infrastructure for Technology Solution Partners to build their applications upon.  

Partnership Opportunities

Channel Implementation Partner

Organizations partnering with either Technology Solution Partners or Community Pass Solution Program Owners to scale and deliver services often at the last mile

Community Pass Solution Program Owner

Operate and organize the delivery of a white labeled existing Community Pass Vertical Solution. 

Technology Solution

Leverage Community Pass Platform to extend capabilities of existing or develop new solutions in Agriculture, Education, Micro Retail, etc.

Program Components

Building on Community Pass, the Digital Doors Program provides technical capabilities and support to de-risk a partner’s approach to serving hard to reach communities 

Digital Rails​

Leverage shared infrastructure to reduce the complexity of reaching digitally excluded communities​

Partnership Program

Tap into a network of partners to collaboratively reach communities faster​

Agent Network​

Utilize a shared agent network to get closer to digitally excluded communities​

Digital Skilling

Access stellar technical talent, and communities empowered to leverage digital solutions​

Partnership Benefits

Technology Deployment ​

Access to the Community Pass Platform sandbox environment to ease integration and prototyping of solutions

De-risk prototyping through access to Community Pass cards and Point of Interaction devices for market testing

Access to Digital Doors technical support and a well-trained implementation team

Access to partner developer tools

Market Development ​

Get support developing, refining and implementing Product and Go To Market Strategy ​

Leverage a vast network of Technology, Channel Partners, and Early Adopters to shorten Time To Market ​

Reach more digitally excluded users faster through a nation-wide mixed-use Shared Digital Agent Network ​

Empower digitally excluded users through collaborative stakeholder education to drive solution adoption and usage ​

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Practice Lead – Digital Economy

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Future Lab Studio Lead​

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Program Communications​

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Channel Implementation Partner​

  • Channel Implementation Partner (“CIP”) is an organization partnering with either Technology Solution Partners or Community Pass Solution Program Owners to scale and deliver services often at the last mile
  • CIPs are either Member Based Organizations, Community Based Organizations or other entities working directly with Individual entrepreneurs and developers, Early stage start-ups, Later stage businesses, Micro, Small and Mid-size Enterprises, Refugees, Smallholder Farmers

Technology Solution Partner ​

  • Technology Solution Partner is a service provider who leverages Community Pass and partner Digital Rails to build, operate and scale their own technology solutions
  • These solutions are offered either to  other businesses (B2B), through other businesses to consumers (B2B2C), or direct to end consumers (B2C)
  • The Digital Doors Program enables Technology Solution Partners to fast-track product development, and through our shared infrastructure 
  • A Technology Solution Partner typically:
  • Preferably, has an existing technology solution, incorporating an Android Application
  • Alternatively, the ability to build and deploy a Technology Solution
  • Has a solution that is aligned to and would benefit from the Community Pass Platform capabilities
  • A commercially sustainable solution with early signs of or proven Product/Market fit
  • Has a strong and diverse team comprising of business development and technology capabilities
  • Has a solution aiming to empower users in digitally excluded communities including young people, women and/ or micro and small enterprises